The Grow Group


We are planting strawberries, canes, and tomatoes!

Our next meeting will be Jan. 26.  Prior to the lesson, we will discuss our last meeting in November where we planted bulbs. We will also spend time getting a 'game plan' for future meetings and ultimately the plant sale in May. Feel free to add ideas, and any thoughts.

Above all, we need a general idea on:

  • where/when our seedlings from October meeting will be planted
  • do we currently have enough large pots etc. to plant these seedlings & other (fuchsia + pelargonium)
  • we will do garden art in Feb.~  what are you working on? what supplies will be required?

Want list:

  • fancy/colorful garden gloves
  • jute rope, the thicker the better....8-10'
  • old luggage tag, leather-the uglier the better
  • tiny clay pots+ graduating up to medium size
  • old fence piece, 4-6' in length (will use as a prop at sale)
  • planter/container that will fit in mailbox =5 1/2 " wide x up to 15" or less
  • SUCCULENTS, Herbs, Sparkly Jewelery

On Jan 26,bring:

  • gloves for working
  • your cheery face :-

In November, we met to plant bulbs.

We met on October 27th, to learn and plant for the future….our annual Spring Plant Sale.

Patricia St. John read an interesting excerpt from a book by Anthropologist and Naturalist Loren Eiseley, titled "The Immense Journey". The book offers a blend of scientific knowledge and imaginative vision from the beginning of time, which tied in perfectly with 'seeds'.

Our leader demonstrated how to properly plant seeds, in addition to any requirements needed prior to planting. 

Additionally, we learned of growth habits, how the plant recycles itself, nutrients required, water needs, and when to transplant.

We reflected on the progress of our last meeting, where we propagated Fuchsias and Pelargoniums.  Each member shared success rate, and how the plants were progressing. One member had conducted an experiment using raw honey, or Vitamin C in place of traditional rooting agent. All of the plants with this substitute rooted, and proved to be successful. 

Among the specialty seeds used at our meeting: Coreopsis, Delphinium, Pansies, Johnny Jump Ups, Candy Tuft, and Blanket Flower. Some of these will be incorporated into our 'garden art' at another session, and others will be sold in larger pots for the spring sale.

Members also shared thoughts on making garden art, and came up with several ideas.

If you are unable to attend our monthly gathering, please germinate/propagate on your own.  Our plant sale in the spring is the biggest fund raising event for our club, everyone can help.

We are on a roll...turning 'seeds into pro-'ceeds'!!!

The purpose of our work is to generate healthy, salable plants for the May Plant Sale---and to have fun learning to do it!  Please join us—or think of how YOU can make the Largest Fundraiser of the Year a FINANCIAL SUCCESS this next year!!!

At each meeting we study the monthly meeting topic and plant something along those lines.  Members rotate giving a presentation with handout.  Everyone is encouraged to save paperwork in a binder for reference the following years.  This will allow us to make notations as to what works and make adjustments for following years.

The group has a calendar with planting/activities/topics for the garden club year-ending with plant sale.  The outline provides an overview and proposed end-result.  Timing and planting is everything!

Many ways to help:  donate soil, bulbs, seeds, fun pots that you find at thrift stores, twig wreaths, cowboy boots, old shoes----or anything else you think we could use. 

Of course, we’ll always need as many plants as EACH of you can donate to the Sale as possible---aside from what we plant in the Grow Group!!!  The more, the better!